Gain money

You will have access to thousands of registered users in the Team Trading community and, if your strategies are valid, you will obtain 1 € per every executed contract.

Use multiple worldwide instruments simultaneously

Team Trading works with futures contracts of the main world markets, so you'll have at your disposal optimizations that maximize the reach of your strategies.

Develop your strategies. We will take care of the rest

We will deal with the sale of your strategies and manage all the implied logistics: the implementation cost, the return calculations, the licenses' management etc. You just have to develop your ideas.

Protect your intellectual property

The source code of your strategies will remain hidden for everyone, but they can be included in the end-user investment.

Take advantage of the immediate Autotrading

All the customers using your strategies will do it via autotrading service. Therefore you don't have to make complex agreements with brokers or manage by yourself this essential tool.

How does it work?