• Visual Chart Lite the perfect tool for MAC users
An intuitive and customizable platform, accesible online, without the installation of any software. Information tick by tick, charts and configurable quotes' lists, depth of market and a wide range of indicators combined with a huge historical database to analyze the information with the maximum precision.
Completely integrated and synchornized trading with the rest of applications.
Visual Chart online platform


You can access all the information in real time delay or end of day, from any web browser supporting Java.

Thus Visual Chart Lite provides you with a simple yet effective way of work, without installing any software. You only have to enter your username and password on our website.

Visual Chart Lite from any web browser


You can open charts, quotes' lists and depth of market on different windows and adjust its size to customize the organisation of the space where you are visualizing the information.

Customize your workspaces on different windows

The possibility to save your workspace

Once organised, you can save your workspace and access it from any computer, without the need of downloading and installing any software.

Save your workspace on the cloud

Orders' manager

You can see all the information of your accounts, of the active, executed and cancelled orders, of your open and closed positions, etc. everything in real time.

Check the information of all your orders
Free price analysis tools in Visual Chart Lite

Prices analysis

You can analyze the prices with sophisticated tools - indicators, lines, supports, regression channels, etc. - available by default in Visual Chart Lite.

Different charts' representation types

Visual Chart Lite includes different charts' reresentation types - bars, candlesticks, line, histogram, etc. - that give you the possibility to visualize the informations just like you want.

Visual Chart Lite with different charts' representation types

Synchronised Trading

With the application you can send different types of orders to the market simulator.

Paper trade with Visual Chart Lite before going real